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Best place to invest. For me, Asia has important implications in the development opportunities. 90% of our employees now work in Asia and the most important thing is, we’re here to learn about the market and this is where we will focus on investment in the next 5 years to build a solid position for the Company within 10-15 next year. Most leading US companies said that China is a favorable investment destination. Investors also have established good position in China. But for me, Southeast Asia is an attractive region in the world. In the economies of Southeast Asia, Thailand is a major economy. But the spectacular growth of Vietnam recently has made me really interesting. I am interested in Vietnam and considered it as a good place to invest, because here, we can establish relationships with system integrators, equipment manufacturers and the distribution. Vietnam has the incentive for foreign investors to promote investment attraction from outside.The countries have policies to encourage foreign investment attracted different . When deciding to establish and develop technology production base , Singapore has been careful to make policies to attract companies with financial resources through capital support development of infrastructure or tax breaks . Meanwhile , China attract investment through low labor costs and access to large market. Wyoming, United States