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How to Select Your Seat on China Airlines

Booking a flight on China Airlines? Wondering how you can pick your perfect seat for your upcoming trip? Selecting the right seat location can make a big difference in how comfortable and enjoyable your flight is. This guide will walk you through the China Airlines seat selection process, provide tips on the best seats on their planes, and explain any extra fees or rules you need to know about.

The Basics of China Airlines Seat Selection

When you book a ticket on China Airlines, you will have the option to select and reserve a specific seat on their website or mobile app. This is usually done during the booking process, but you can also log in after purchasing to choose a seat if none was assigned yet.

Seat selection is free for most economy class tickets. The only exception is if you want to guarantee a premium economy or business class seat, which costs extra. Exit row and other preferred coach seats are still free to pick in advance if available.

How to Actually Select Your Seat

The process of selecting your seat on China Airlines will depend on where and how you booked:

On China Airlines Website: After searching flights and selecting your outbound and return tickets, you will come to the passenger details page. Here you can click the “Manage Seats” button to view a seat map and choose your seats on each flight.

On Online Travel Agency Sites: If booking through sites like Expedia or Orbitz, you may or may not see a seat assignment option right away. You’ll generally have 24 hours after booking to select seats by retrieving your reservation on the China Airlines site.

On Mobile App: Download the China Airlines app for iOS or Android. Find your booking using your confirmation code or login details. Then tap the “Select Seats” option to view the seat map and make your picks.

No matter what, signing into your China Airlines account on their website or app always lets you change seat assignments later, even after ticketing. So don’t worry if no options were available when you first booked. Keep checking back for free updates.

Tips for Picking the Best Seats on China Airlines

Not all seats are made equal on an aircraft. Follow these tips to find the most comfortable and convenient seats in economy and premium economy classes on China Airlines:

Economy Class Tips

Bulkhead rows (first rows with a wall instead of seats in front) have extra legroom but don't allow bags at your feet. Also avoid last rows which don't recline.
Exit row seats have the most legroom in coach, with no seat in front. But avoid exits without windows which can get cold. Exit seats have extra rules for use.
Rows in front of lavatories and just behind premium economy have extra legroom. But beware bathroom smells and noise.
Rows near doors often have misaligned windows. Pick window pairs in consistent rows for better views.
For couples and families, aisle and windows in center column provide easiest access together.

Premium Economy Tips
Bulkhead premium economy seats have a cabinet wall instead of seats in front = major legroom.
Front cabin rows board first and have easiest lavatory access. But noise may also be louder upfront.
Solo travelers may want single seats on sides which have barriers from other passengers.
Couples and friends should choose center paired seats. Some premium economy center seats align with economy for families.
No matter your class, check the specifics of your aircraft and seating chart closely while selecting seats. Measurements, recline, width, and proximity to things like restrooms varies.

What are China Airlines’ Seat Selection Rules?

China Airlines has a few basic policies related to reserving seats that are good to know upfront:

Seat selection can be changed for free after booking, even after ticketing the reservation. So you can swap seats later if you change your mind.
You cannot pre-select seats with more legroom or perks (like exit rows) without paying upgrade fees. These are only assigned at airport check-in.
On long haul routes, only higher-tier Elite Plus and Golden Dynasty frequent flyers can reserve preferred economy seats like exit rows in advance for free.
Families traveling with infants under 2 can request bulkhead and bassinet seats in advance, but they are not guaranteed. These are assigned at airport check-in based on availability.
In general, it’s wise to check in online as early as possible to give yourself the best shot at grabbing newly opened free seats - like exits you couldn’t book ahead of time due to your status.

Understanding China Airlines Aircraft and Seats

To best select seats for your flight on China Airlines, it helps to understand the various aircraft in their fleet and the products they offer.

For most regionalAsia flights under 3.5 hours you'll fly Airbus A320 or A321 planes orBoeing 737 jets configured with two classes:

Economy has 3-3 seating in typical six-abreast coach cabins with 32-34” pitch. Some bulkheads have extra room.
Premium economy is 2-4-2 seating with leg rests, priority services, and 38" pitch - sold as Business Class on domestic routes.
Long haul wide body jets like the 777-300 and A350 mainly fly transoceanicroutes. These offer three products:

Economy is still 3-3-3 seating with 32 inches typical pitch and 17-18” width.
Premium economy is 2-4-2 with 38” pitch, leg rests, and wider seats plus flatbeds on A350. It's sold as Elite Class.
New long haul business is 1-2-1 reverse herringbone fully flat suites withaisle access for all.
No matter which jet or cabin, selecting seats in advance ensuresyou get the features and location you want, within the free options offered. You may nothave much control over upgrades or premium seats - but getting the right standard economyor premium economy seat can still make your China Airlines trip much better!