What are automation testing tools used by Tata Consultancy Services?

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What are automation testing tools used by Tata Consultancy Services?

Greetings community,

I hope this post finds you well. I am currently delving into the realm of automation testing and am particularly interested in understanding the tools that Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) employs for their testing processes. As we all know, TCS is a global IT services and consulting powerhouse, and I believe their choice of automation testing tools could provide valuable insights for those of us navigating the world of quality assurance.

If you have any information or insights into the automation testing tools used by Tata Consultancy Services, I would greatly appreciate your input. Whether you've had personal experience working with TCS, or you've come across reliable information elsewhere, your contribution could be instrumental in helping fellow professionals and enthusiasts gain a better understanding of the testing landscape at TCS.

Feel free to share any details you may have regarding the specific tools, frameworks, or methodologies that TCS leverages in the automation testing domain. Additionally, if there are any unique approaches or best practices they follow, that information would be equally valuable.

Let's collaboratively explore the world of automation testing at TCS and enhance our collective knowledge base. Thank you in advance for your insights and contributions! Software testing Classes in Pune