Is a 24 Inch Gaming Monitor Ideal for Competitive FPS Gaming?

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Is a 24 Inch Gaming Monitor Ideal for Competitive FPS Gaming?

Greetings fellow gamers,

I hope you're all doing well and staying competitive out there in the gaming world. I'm currently on the hunt for a new gaming monitor, specifically for competitive FPS (First-Person Shooter) gaming, and I'm pondering the pros and cons of a 24-inch display size. Your input and expertise on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

The Dilemma:
As I gear up for some serious competitive FPS gaming, I'm faced with the decision of choosing the right monitor size. I've been considering a 24-inch gaming monitor, but I'm curious to know if this size is ideal for my gaming needs.
Advantages of a 24-Inch Gaming Monitor:
Faster Response Times: Many 24-inch gaming monitors boast impressively fast response times, reducing motion blur and ghosting during fast-paced FPS gameplay.
Lower Input Lag: Smaller monitors tend to have lower input lag, which is crucial for split-second reactions in FPS games.

Higher Pixel Density: A 24-inch monitor at 1080p resolution results in a higher pixel density, providing sharper image quality.

Easier to Track Enemies: The smaller screen size can make it easier to spot and track opponents on the screen.

Concerns About a 24-Inch Gaming Monitor:
Field of View: Some gamers argue that larger monitors offer a broader field of view, which can be advantageous in FPS games.
Immersion: A larger screen can provide a more immersive gaming experience, though it might be less important for competitive play.
Desk Space: A 24-inch monitor might not fill your field of vision as effectively as a larger screen, which could affect your perception of the game world.

Seeking Your Insights:
With these considerations in mind, I'd love to hear from those who have experience with 24-inch gaming monitors for competitive FPS gaming. Do you find that this size strikes the right balance between speed and immersion? Have you encountered any limitations with a 24-inch monitor, or do you believe it's the sweet spot for competitive gaming?
If you have recommendations for specific 24-inch gaming monitor models that excel in FPS gaming, please share them. Ultimately, I'm aiming to make an informed decision to enhance my gaming setup, and your insights will be invaluable in this regard.

Thank you all in advance for sharing your experiences and thoughts on whether a 24-inch gaming monitor is ideal for competitive FPS gaming. Let the discussion begin!