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Multicoin Faucet & Games Platform

Actual rates
Bitcoin - Claim 10 sats every 30 minutes
Dogecoin - Claim 20594000 sats every 30 minutes  
Litecoin - Claim 650 sats every 30 minutes
Potcoin - Claim 915000 sats every 30 minutes
Ethereum - Claim 125 sats every 30 minutes
Bitcore - Claim 19250 sats every 30 minutes
Blackcoin - Claim 343000 sats every 30 minutes
Dashcoin - Claim 430 sats every 30 minutes
Peercoin - Claim 33334 sats every 30 minutes
Primecoin - Claim 39190 sats every 30 minutes
Bitcoincash - Claim 70 sats every 30 minutes

Free crypto lottery!
- 1 ticket on every Dice game
- 1 ticket on every Slot game
- random 1-10 tickets per every task completed
- random 1-5 tickets per every faucet claim
- more soon...

Mini Task

Coin Exchange!

Cryptsly Chat

25% referral commission!

Payment Method
Payments are processed instanly via with no minimum threshold.

Free crypto lottery every day. You get free tickets from claims!
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In the Kingdom of Thailand, where spirituality and superstition often intertwine, the Thai Lottery 1234 holds a unique place in the hearts of many. Beyond its role as a game of chance, it represents a connection to the mystical world of numerology. In this article, we will delve into the enigmatic world of the Thai Lottery 1234, exploring its significance and the allure of its numerical combinations.