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Earn up 5000 Litoshi per click
Earn 20% per referral click
Earn 100% from you referral surfing!
10%-to-2% through 7-Tier referral upgrade!
10%-to-2% through 7-Tier referral spending!
Withdrawals from 0.002 LTC
Multiple payment currency support (Bitcoin, Payeer, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin and more will be introduced in the future)
Earn 4x with Membership
CPC starts from 25 Litoshis.
Multiple advertising methods
Strong anti-cheat protection
Thousands of potential members

SignUP Bonus:
- Free Golden membership for 3 days for first 2000 members;
- Free 10000 litoshi;
- Free 1000 Banner Credits;
- Free 500 AD Credits.

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Re: AdLitecoin -

AdNetwork Group (BitVertiser, AdLitecoin & AdEtthereum) decided to add 2 more new advertising methods.

Advertisers can purchase Featured Ads Impressions and Featured Link Ads.

Your Advertisements will be displayed on the Homepage of the site, where you can receive greatest results from your advertising!